How Is L-PRF Used in Dentistry?

tubesL-PRF stands for leukocyte platelet-rich fibrin, which is an all-natural, biocompatible substance found in our blood that can be separated and condensed into a thin matrix of highly concentrated growth and healing factors. In dentistry, L-PRF can be utilized to promote accelerated bone regeneration and/or strengthen current bone structure during bone grafting and sinus lift procedures, both of which are intended to improve jawbone density for patients who are not initially considered good candidates for dental implants.

At our practice, our experienced dentist, Dr. Michael Fulbright, has found great success with using L-PRF for bone grafting and sinus augmentation. To begin the treatment process, he first draws between two to four small vials of blood from your arm and places them into a special centrifuge developed by Intra-Lock® International – a respected dental implant systems company. The centrifuge then rapidly spins the vials at a specific angulation until a compressed clot of fibrin is separated from all other elements present within the blood. Once independent, the clotted fibrin is placed into an Xpression™ Box – also developed by Intra-Lock® International – and flattened until all excess serum is squeezed out, effectively leaving a condensed, thin matrix of platelet-rich fibrin.

When this L-PRF matrix has been created, Dr. Fulbright can dip it into bone grafting material mixed with excess serum from the Xpression™ Box for additional healing factors. Once ready, the L-PRF matrix and bone graft are inserted carefully into the targeted treatment area, helping to stimulate the accelerated regeneration of existing bone around the graft with the goal that the two will fuse together for enhanced durability and better implant support.

Ultimately, when utilized during bone grafting and sinus lifting procedures, L-PRF may be able to help qualified patients improve their jawbone density with quicker, superior results than ever before.

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