Cosmetic Dentist in Torrance Now Offering Stem Cell Bank

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Torrance Cosmetic Dentist Now Offering Bank for Stem Cells

Following the recent discovery by the National Institute of Health that found useful stem cells exist in teeth, Dr. Michael Fulbright is announcing the adoption of an innovative process for harvesting and banking these valuable cells. As a cosmetic dentist in Torrance, Dr. Fulbright is teaming up with StemSave™, Inc. to provide patients with an easy way to protect their future health.

The National Institute of Health recently discovered stem cells reside within baby teeth, wisdom teeth, and permanent teeth, and can be harvested in a noninvasive method for future use in personalized medicine and regenerative medical therapies. Dr. Michael Fulbright provides a range of dental procedures, including cosmetic dentistry in Torrance and throughout the Los Angeles area, and is announcing the recent adoption of a new procedure that allows him to harvest these valuable stem cells to help patients protect their future health.

StemSave™, Inc. is a leader in stem cell recovery and cryo-preservation. Dr. Fulbright says routine trips to his office can turn into a potentially lifesaving experience because of the new technology, which he admits is exciting when he considers the versatility of stem cells and the current research being conducted on this topic.

Dr. Fulbright says the StemSave process is a collaborative effort between stem cell researchers and the dental community, which is dedicated to providing families and individuals an affordable, noninvasive technique for harvesting and preserving the power of stem cells. He adds that patients can enroll online, and then schedule an appointment at his cosmetic dentistry practice for more information.

About Michael Fulbright, DDS

Dr. Michael Fulbright earned his dental degree from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry. After practicing with renowned cosmetic dentist and Director of the UCLA Aesthetics Continuum Dr. Brian LeSage, Dr. Fulbright obtained a post-graduate degree to supplement his cosmetic dentistry skills and expertise. He is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the American Dental Association, and the California Dental Association, and is a Premier Provider of the Invisalign® clear bracing system.

Dr. Fulbright’s Aesthetic and Reconstructive Dentistry practice is located at 1815 Via El Prado, Ste. 200 Redondo Beach, CA 90277, and can be reached at (310) 593-2137, or found online at or


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